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Important changes that may affect the integration with the API and may require additional code development on your side:

  • The settings of the mechanism for limiting requests to the API (ratelimiter) have been changed. If the set values are exceeded, an HTTP 429 error is generated;
  • The response and mechanism of the SendFileByUpload method have been changed. Now the method works in the asynchronous mode. If the method is called successfully, idMessage and urlFile are returned;
  • The minimum 5000 ms interval for sending SendFileByUrl, SendFileByUpload from the queue is set;
  • When working with group chats with more than 100 participants, authorization may be automatically disabled due to the occurrence of an overload of instance resources.


No. Number Result Documentation
1 SW-949 The sendFileByUpload method has become asynchronous. Documentation
2 SW-961 Added uploadFile new method Documentation
3 SW-1470 Fixed jpegthumbnail generation size from the link in the message is set to 140x140
4 SW-1054 The minimum 5000 ms interval for sending by the SendFileByUrl, SendFileByUpload methods from the queue is set Documentation
5 SW-1149 The work of the ratelimiter has been stabilized
6 SW-1186 Server work is stabilized
7 SW-1238 Added sending a failed notification when receiving an error of sending a message from Whatsapp Documentation
8 SW-584 Added getMessage method to get a specific message Documentation
9 SW-1021 Added server redundancy when receiving files
10 SW-1050 Added additional processing for instances that work with groups of more than 100 participants Documentation
11 SW-715 Optimized the ratelimiter to work in the context of each instance and method Documentation
12 SW-946 Added support for self-signed certificates for notification sending services
13 SW-953 Added basic authorization to the service for sending notifications Documentation
14 SW-977 The getMessage method has been corrected in accordance with the message journals
15 SW-960 Added validation of API methods. 403 Forbidden will be returned in case of an error in method naming
16 SW-917 Work with disappearing messages has been stabilized
17 SW-957 Fixed chatId when receiving incoming native mailings from Whatsapp
18 SW-1019 Implemented notification testing mechanism
19 SW-1296 The mechanism for collecting messages from the queue has been optimized
20 SW-1036 Implemented a separate microservice for working with message journals and chat history
21 SW-1295 Fixed sending files using the sendFileByUrl method for links from 1C:Bitrix
22 SW-1222 Implemented a separate microservice for working with incoming files, eliminating losses
23 SW-1454 A 15-second delay is set between unsuccessful file transmission attempts via sendFileByUrl method
24 SW-1932 A limitation on the size of image previews has been introduced, which could lead to delays in receiving and sending messages
25 SW-1821 Updated mechanism for switching between reserve channels
26 SW-1219 The functionality of the DownloadFile method has been fixed; when called, it now initiates a re-request for the file from the sender
27 SW-1713 Optimized the microservice for receiving message journals
28 SW-1729 Optimized the functioning of backend microservices


No. Number Description Status
1 SW-1153 Messages do not leave the queue if the body of the message contains links Fixed
2 SW-1063 The EntryPointConversionApp field is missing, for promotional messages Fixed
3 SW-1183 The textMessage field in a message object with type extendedTextMessage in logs is missing Fixed
4 SW-1212 The optional phoneNumber field in sendFileByUpload is missing Fixed
5 SW-1223 No link to the sticker when receiving a stickerMessage Fixed
6 SW-1246 The outgoingAPIMessageWebhook setting doesn't work Fixed
7 SW-1128 Undefined error {{SWE999}} in an incoming notification Fixed
8 SW-1071 Incorrect determination of a superadmin and an admin in groups Fixed
9 SW-1072 Error in the forwardMessage method Fixed
10 SW-812 After authorization, the instance does not send messages without a manual restart Fixed
11 SW-776 A typo in the text when answering about the expiration of the instance is corrected. Fixed
12 SW-887 The message on the phone is not deleted by the deleteMessage method in the recipient's iphone Fixed
13 SW-959 Decryption errors are sent for already received messages with the text marker SWE001 Fixed
14 SW-1011 "forwardingScore" and "isForwarded" fields in messages sent from API are missing Fixed
15 SW-1012 The forwardMessages method incorrectly forwards messages Fixed
16 SW-1058 A link to download audio from message sent from phone is missing Fixed
17 SW-1056 Notifications about messages and statuses sent via API from a parallel instance are missing Fixed
18 SW-1573 The file extension is missing when receiving an .aac file Fixed
19 SW-1275 Incorrect operation of the message resending counter by the sendFileByUrl method Fixed
20 SW-1257 Redirect is not processed when downloading files from external storages Fixed
21 SW-1457 Message does not come to API from disappearing chat file with description Fixed
22 SW-1100 In the incomingMessageReceived notification, the downloadUrl bin extension is incorrect when receiving a cdr file Fixed
23 SW-1242 "statusMessage" field in journal "type": "outgoing" is missing Fixed
24 SW-1460 When sending a link a preview is missing (error 404 Not Found) Fixed
25 SW-1527 Non-critical independent restarts of the microservice for working with logs and chats Fixed
26 SW-1543 A file message in journal when receiving a file from Whatsapp failed is missing Fixed
27 SW-1560 A notification of the outgoingAPIMessageReceived type is sent twice Fixed
28 SW-1348 Unstable operation of the microservice for receiving incoming files Fixed
29 SW-1564 The fileName field in a stickerMessage notification is missing Fixed
30 SW-1569 Error 500 when settings are set by the setSettings method Fixed
31 SW-1626 The chatID field is missing in a status notification message with the noaccount type Fixed
32 SW-1609 Incoming messages with files in journals are missing Fixed
33 SW-837 Missing sender and wid fields in an outgoingMessageReceived and outgoingAPIMessageReceived notification Fixed
34 SW-1048 Incorrect field name in a notification of "typeMessage" "textMessage", object "textMessageData, field text, textMessage is required Fixed
35 SW-632 Error of getting files to send by the sendFileByUrl method with cloudfront Fixed
36 SW-2025 Delay of queue when sending to number 1009769906 Fixed
37 SW-1969 Messages are sent from the queue only after the reboot command Fixed
38 SW-1579 Stops the queue when sending a link to large files or sites with problematic redirects in a message Fixed
39 SW-1366 Incoming message is not added to the system Fixed
40 SW-1442 Delay of message queue when sending to non-existent WhatsApp account Fixed
41 SW-1498 Missing file link in incoming notification Fixed
42 SW-1831 Error handling mimetype in sendFileByUrl method when redirecting Fixed
43 SW-1808 Instance stuck in starting state Fixed
44 SW-1225 Disabled sending message on the instance Fixed
45 SW-1652 In outgoingMessageStatus, when sending to a non-existent number, failed instead of noAccount Fixed
46 SW-1691 Bug in displaying message statuses in chat history and journals Fixed
47 SW-1693 Error decoding links with Cyrillic Fixed
48 SW-1701 Missing message type and field when quoting a file with text Fixed
49 SW-1703 Incorrect chatId field in webhook failed outgoingMessageStatus when sending message failed Fixed
50 SW-1726 The outgoingAPIMessageWebhook (sendFileByUpload, sendFileByUrl) setting does not work Fixed
51 SW-1726 Missing webhook when getting error SWE003 Fixed
52 SW-1701 Error sending link sendFileByUrl Fixed