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How to correctly enter international numbers for WhatsApp?#

February 12, 2024

Entering the international number

  1. Numbers from Russia
  2. Numbers from Mexico
  3. Numbers from Argentina
  4. Numbers from Brazil

In today's world of communication, messaging plays a key role in keeping people and organizations connected across the globe. This is especially true when using messengers such as WhatsApp, which require correct formatting of phone numbers to successfully send messages. In this article, we will look at the specifics of formatting phone numbers from different countries to ensure successful delivery of your messages through the API.

Numbers from Russia#

For Russian numbers, it is important to use the international code +7. In cases where the code 8 is specified, messages sent through the API will be sent to a non-existent account. You can verify the correctness of entering a phone number using a request in the format Thus, a correct number will consist of 11 digits: 7XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Example: if you write the number in your contact list as 8XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, WhatsApp will automatically redirect to an existing account with the number 7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The checkWhatsapp method will return "existsWhatsapp": true in such a case. Required format for sending messages:

Numbers from Mexico#

For phone numbers from Mexico, you must insert the digit 1 between the country code +52 and the area code (also for Nextel). If the number starts with the area code 11, this code should be deleted. As a result, the number will contain 13 digits: 521XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Example: the original phone number +52XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX needs to be corrected to the format to send messages.

Numbers from Argentina#

In Argentina phone numbers, between the country code +54 and the area code, you need to insert the digit 9 and remove the code 15 at the beginning of the number. This converts the number into a 13-digit format: 549XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Example: from the original phone number +54XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the format required for sending messages is

Numbers from Brazil#

In some parts of Brazil, the digit 9 is added to the local number and area code. The area codes to which this rule applies include 11-19, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28. For numbers with other area codes, the digit 9 is removed.

The final format of the phone number may contain 12 or 13 digits: 5521(9)XXXXXXXXXXXX, where 55 is the country code, 21 is the area code.

Example: the original number 5521XXXXXXXXXXXX requires formatting in to send messages.

Proper formatting of international phone numbers ensures efficient and error-free message delivery via messengers. By following these recommendations, you can avoid common mistakes and simplify communication with subscribers from different parts of the world.

Other types of numbers can be seen by calling the GetContacts or GetSettings methods.